This blog is all about me and the happenings of my life. Here I allow you to take a peek at some of the slices of my day to day life. Some days I able to complete all my chores at a lightning speed and there are days when I have umpteen things to do, I am feel like freaking out.

I am a mother of a very active kid. I call her Daughter Delight. She keeps me on my toes when she is around. And I miss her when she is away in the school.

My Darling Husband is a foodie. You could say he enjoys good food that is unfortunately not so healthy. I try my best to make the healthy food tasty to suit his palate. He is shy and prefers to keep away from social media.

He helps me around at home like clearing the table, removing clothes from the washing machine , hanging them and again removing them from the cloth line and leaving it in the laundry basket for me to fold. Most of the time he answers the bell and also takes the Daughter Delight to park to play in the evenings.

So what more can a women ask for from her man?