Essential Oils

Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils to cure Headaches

The other day my Mommy Darling woke up with a severe headache. I need to mention that the temperature is soaring with minimum temperature around 8 AM IST is around 24 degree C.  And this rise in temperature is leading to heat related diseases such as headaches, heat boils, heat burns and so on.

Now coming back to my mom’s headache, let me share with you my simple remedy. Remember,I had recently purchased a box of must-have essential oils from Organix Mantra from Amazon market place. Peppermint was one of them. Lavender oil I had bought a few months ago.

lave and pepper

Simple Remedy for Headache Using Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils

Peppermint Oil – 2 drops

Lavender Oil – 2 drops

Coconut Oil – 2 drops


In a small glass bowl, mix all the three ingredients together and rub it on your forehead. Also apply it around the base of your neck and gently massage.

This is what I did for my mother

For my mom, I gently massaged it on her forehead and behind her ears and around the neck and gently on her shoulders.  I also soaked a small ball of cotton and told her to sniff it now and then.

The calming effects of lavender put her to relaxed sleep and the peppermint had a cooling effect on her forehead. She slept close to an hour and by the time she woke up she no longer had headache.

The remaining oil, I transferred into a cobalt blue bottle that was sterilized for future use.

Please note

For those who do not want to use coconut oil, use grapeseed or jojoba oil. That is less oily than the coconut oil.

Please note that you need to use Pure and Steam distilled essential oil and superior quality Jojoba or grapeseed oils (carrier oils) to dilute the essential oils to get the benefits of essential oils. I found Organix Mantra Essential Oils to be of superior quality and will continue to stock their products.




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