Essential Oils

How I used Peppermint Oil

In one of my previous post I had mentioned of buying a box of Cold Pressed /Steam Distilled 100% Pure Essential oil of the brand #OrganixMantra from . One of the #essentialoils that I had bought was #peppermintessentialoil.

Essential oils

One of the green box is #PeppermintEssentialOil

One of the reasons that I bought this oil is because my mom wanted this oil to apply it on her knees and toes. She told me it helps to reduce muscular pain. Actually, I had the opportunity to use it myself for the muscular cramps due to the summer heat.

In Pune, India, summer has started with a bang with temperature touching 41 degrees Centigrade. Heat is horrible and you sweat in spite of the ceiling swirling in full speed.

The Met department also warned about the heat wave kind of  atmosphere.

  • Suggesting that if possible spend time indoors and not to venture out.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Instead of cold water to drink luke warm water.
  • In case of heat blisters to have a cold water bath. If its getting worse, get medical help ASAP.

Today, I came down with a bad headache because of the heat, and dust.  I had ton of work to complete and also a webinar to attend on essential oils by #DrAxe.


That was an invite from #DrJoshAxe. There were 8000 participants and I was one of them.

Was really in pain and was thinking of giving the webinar a miss. This is where my set of essential oils came to help. I made a mixture with peppermint and lavender essential oils.

DIY Recipe for Headache

2 drops of peppermint oil

2 drops of lavender oil

1 drop of coconut oil

Mix all three well. Gently apply it on the forehead and the base of the neck. If you can get your spouse to massage your neck and shoulders, then there is nothing like it.

Thankfully, when I woke up from my afternoon siesta, the headache had reduced and there was only a slight dull ache. I was feeling better than I felt when the day started.

sun burns

Dr Axe’ s recipe for #Sunburn


He also mentioned Peppermint oil is one of the #Essentialoils for #Energy

Dr.Josh Axe also mentioned about other essential oil. Here are a few clippings from the webinar

I would like to personally thank those people who introduced me to essential oils. Thanks to #OrganixMantra for selling superior quality essential oils on the Amazon marketplace.


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