Child-focused Learning Experience -Bedrock Educare


A group photo with the teachers and the principal after the convocation ceremony

In one of my previous posts I had mentioned having attended Daughter Delight’s convocation ceremony and grandparents day. This is her last week at Bedrock Educare.

Bedrock Educare is an initiative by Mrs.Rupashree Sable that was started around nine years ago. This place was then better known as an activity cum daycare center. Gradually, it evolved into a pre-school which is very child centric.

Today, its known as one of the best pre-schools in Pune known for its child-safe , hygiene and healthy environment.

certificate of child safety and hygiene

Certificate for Hygiene and Cleanness

Daughter Delight was admitted there in 2012, as soon as she turned a year old and a few months. She fell in love with the place, the teachers and the support staff and looked forward going there everyday of the week.

For her #BedrockEducare was more like a second home where she was given full freedom to stretch her creativity and throw tantrums.The whole curriculum is designed from the child’s point of view. This is what makes learning fun  and easy.

Its a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary learning styles that has been modified to ensure that the children are well equipped to meet the challenges of the modern world. Importance is given to all the nine Intelligences of the multiple Intelligence.


Getting them interested in math through imaths

When learning is fostered via the techniques using Heart, Hand and Head, learning various things including science and math becomes easier, faster and fun.

Children look forward to going to school as the facilitators are trained to understand the learning pace of each and everyone of their wards, and create customized learning methods to impart the subject.

This one #school that to my knowledge that has grown organically. In my Five years of association with them, I have not come across a single advertisement of theirs in the reputed dailies such as The Times of India, #TheTimesofIndia, or  similar newspapers.

Its the word of mouth of publicity and the fliers once in a while that brought in the traffic.

Food at Bedrock Educare

An important point  that I wish to speak out Loud and Clear about #BedrockEducare is, only #Healthy and #Nutritious Food is Served for Break Fast, Lunch and as Evening snack. They ensure that none of their wards go hungry. The last of the daycare wards leaves around half-past Seven in the evening. And its ensured that they have their evening snack, which is actually not a snack but a wholesome meal. And to this day Daughter Delight loves the food they serve in Bedrock.

This is one of the reason why I had put Daughter Delight there. She had a big issue eating food at home and I was helpless. However, she relishes the food Bedrock provides and devours each meal without any fuss. Since she is taught to eat healthy at a very early age, she shows no inclination towards Burgers and Pizza. The only junk she enjoys is the potato wafers.

One day, she told me, biscuits are for dogs and not children. I wondered whats got into her.She also happened to mention that I’m short because I did not eat vegetables. And Her teacher told so…, thats how she ended the conversation.

I could not help grinning. For me what matters most is her health and that comes only through healthy eating.

Now that’s the kind of teaching that’s imparted at bedrock. Its a place where the child’s imagination and creativity is encouraged, and nurtured.

I am a happy parent   because I was able to give my Baby Delight a wonderful childhood that she will remember for a pretty long time. The fond memories of her toddler years are never going to fade because they have been photographed, and send to me, and some have been shared on the Facebook account of Bedrock Educare.

The school has grown in leaps and bounds and this year they have invited franchisee partners. The first franchise of #BedrockEducare is opened in Viman Nagar. It shows the sheer passion, hard work and dedication of the teachers, support team and the management to create a brand.

God Bless the team.

Leaving you with one of the most famous quotes from The Alchemist to ponder over.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist



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