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Yama’s Leiutanant – Anuja Chandramouli


In one of my previous posts I had mentioned that the Anuja Chandramouli, a well-known writer had asked me to review her latest book Yama’s Lieutenant.

Anuja is also a avid reader and her blogs are think tanks for those who love her genre of books. Her matured reading style is also seen in her writings. Your search to improve your vocabulary and also add new ones to your existing reportiere ends with Anuja’s blogs, and books.

Yama’s Lieutenant is blend of mythology and fiction. A tale of a man who is chosen to assist Yama, the God of Death, to save the world from the notorious evils who have escaped the Hell, the Kingdom of Yama.

The young man embarks on his mission to save not only the world but also help Yama find his consort. Yama’s Lieutenant is journey and adventures of this young man and all the celestial and ephemeral beings that help him succeed in his mission.

All those who love mythology and fantasy would really enjoy this book. Go ahead and pick your copy. Its worth every penny you’d spend.

My review in for the book.


I also send this link to Anuja, yesterday morning IST.

Here is her reply

replyThis reply from her made my day yesterday.I am looking forward to her next book.


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