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Importance of Coconut Oil – A Review


I am an Indian from the southern state of India, Kerala, otherwise known as God’s Own Country. Its surrounded on all sides by water bodies and is known for its natural beauty. It has Arabian Sea shoreline that extends up to 600 Km. The language spoken is Malayalam. The people are called as keralites or malayalees.

It is famous for its coconut palm infringed beaches, lagoons and canals. Trivandrum city is the capital of this quaint little  Indian state, while Cochin is the financial capital.

I belong to the capital city, Trivandrum. My parental home is around 21 km away from the city. Its located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, surrounded by coconut palms, mango and jack fruit trees. We have a stream running parallel to the house.

The life here is laid back.  Our staple diet is tapioca, rice and fish curry along with a vegetable curry that is a dry dish. We take butter milk and not yogurt, as buttermilk is known to cool the body better. Pickle  made using seasonal vegetables and berries is a part of  our everyday meal. The lunch is usually served in Banana leaves.

Now coming to the main ingredient of the curries we make in Kerala.  Its coconut, coconut and coconut.

Whether its fish curry or a dry vegetable, you will notice that it has coconut in it. Masala of the fish curry is coconut based, and in dry vegetable dish freshly grated coconut is sprinkled lavishly. Again coconut oil is used to temper the dishes. So now you understand how important coconut is in the everyday meal of an average Malayalee..

Most of the families do not use refined coconut oil, instead we buy it directly from the oil mill. The smell of virgin coconut oil is simply awesome.

We keralites use coconut oil not only in food but also use it as hair oil and also massage oil. The Ayurvedic lotions, salves and balm  are also made using coconut oil.

Do you know why coconut and coconut oil plays an important part in our lives? Its been proven coconut oil is  one of the best oils for cooking as well as for therapeutical uses.

Even Americans have started using coconut oil in their recipes. Coconut oil has many uses and how many of you all know about it.

Craze for Essential Oils

My latest fad or you can call madness is Essential Oils. I procured some from Amazon India recently from a seller Organix Mantra. Last year, I had picked up Lavender oil from the same seller and found it to be of good quality. So gave a try this time too. Actually, I bought a box of different essential oils and that too at a discounted rate.

Essential oils

Coconut oil for  diluting

And the best part is all the essential oils that I use has to be diluted using coconut oil before applying it topically on my skin or scalp. How I use my essential oil is for another day. If you have any suggestions please do share it with me. I would love to know.

Guys if you have read about the benefits of coconut oil, you must have understood why I use coconut oil for everything. Its god’s gift to man kind.




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