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Never Gone – Anusha Subramaniam

In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that i had borrowed a book title Never Gone by Anusha Subramaniam,  from one of my neighbor friends, Nirali Shah. I completed the book within a day. Its yet to be returned. My review about the same.

Author Anusha Subramaniam

Anusha Subramaniam is the youngest published Indian author. She published her first book half-a-decade ago at the age of 12. The book was titled Heirs of Catriona and it was released in the year 2012 with a lot of press coverage. This book targeted the mythology loving audience. I have not read this book yet.

Launch of Never Gone

In the month of september 2016, Subramaniam launched her second book called Never Gone. Crossword Book Store, a prominent chain of bookstore with pan India presence, had invited Sonali Bendre, a popular celebrity from Bollywood, to do the honors in the city of Mumbai. It also got ample press coverage.

About the Book

Now coming to the book. Its a love story among a few 11 and 12 grade students of an International school  in Mumbai. They all have a common friend Ananya, who is the protogonist.

Siddharth, Veera, Kavya, Ashlesha, Mahir, Nikhil, and Aakash are the prominent characters of this book. Their friend is Ananya . Never Gone tells the story about the relationship these friends had with Ananya and how she influences them even after she dies.

Never Gone is a typical  love triangle among the friends where a couple of them realize the that there was something going between them. How the death of Ananya becomes an eye-opener for her friends is the whole story.

My Take

For a beginner, Ms Subramaniam has a done a decent job.She has talked about the friendships, the fights, makeups and all those things that happen when we are in our late teens. Though, there are many loop holes, its a light read for those who are getting back to the reading habit after a long time, for those who are traveling and is in a romantic mood, and also, for all the teens who are able to connect with these characters.

If you have watched the Hindi movie Mohabbetain, then you would realize that this book is on the similar lines.  Personally , I would not spent my money of her book. I would rather borrow it from a library or a friend.

To know more about her, read her blog.


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