Logan Review


Hugh Jackman as Logan and Patrick Stewards as Prof. Charles

In my previous post I had mentioned that my Darling Husband and I had gone for probably the last movie of the X-men series, Logan. Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine and Patrick Steward, the Professor Charles Xavier, starring movie is something that should not be missed.

The movie shows the last of the famous mutants. Its a movie made from a comic book series X-man, where the character wolverine becomes one of the most favorite characters that is loved by the audience world wide. This movie is for those who have not read those comics.

We enjoyed the movie. I would give 5 ratings for Jackman for his lovely the performance. I would like to mention that he is a getting treated for cancer. So lets hope he survives the disease and lives a healthy life.

Times of India has reviewed Logan and it has everything that I wish to say about the movie and the star PERFORMERS.

Go watch. Remember to leave the children below 18 years of age at home as its A rated movie because of many gory scenes.


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