Cinepolis – Westend Mall Aundh

A couple of days ago, I had booked tickets through BookMyShow  for the movie Logan, starring Hugh Jackman. Today, my Darling Husband and I left almost immediately after sending our Daughter Delight to her school. We wanted to try out the much hyped Cinepolis  Theatre at Westend Mall SumaShilpa at Aundh.

I had booked Executive class tickets that were priced at Rs 130/- each. Since it was through online, there are also Internet transaction charges added to it.In short the total bill came to Rs 298/-

This was our first time there. We took a short route to Aundh and reached there by quarter to 10 AM IST. The underground parking is Rs 20 unlimited. The staff there were pleasant and directed us towards the bank of elevators. In no time we were in first floor where the cinema hall is located.

We were told the kiosk is not functioning so to show the SMS message on the mobile to the person at the doors and get in. Seats, sound system and the clarity of the screen is simply good. However, the steps to the seats are steep and they had not switched on the lights for the guests to find their respective seats. This I found to be really annoying as I twisted my ankle. I had booked for executive seat and the number was G3 and G4. Had to climb too many steps and in the darkness had to fumble my way up there.

In the break, Darling Husband wanted to get me a cup of coffee so he invited me to walk down to the cafeteria. Since I was up to walking down the stairs he got the coffee inside. I felt the coffee was over priced at Rs 110 /- each. But never the less enjoyed the coffee as well as the movie. So price did not really matter.

There were only a handful of people to watch the movies. That was really a surprise. Did demonetization hit us so badly. Only a four people including us bought something from the cafeteria. What I inferred was Poona crowd is reluctant to spent.

On the way back picked up some vegetables. Came home for a lunch of fried King fish, curd, thiall (a spicy gravy made using roasted coconut and spices ground to make a paste to which boiled black eyed beans and sauteed brijal were added.)

But overall a pleasant day after many years. Looking forward to more such days  from now on.


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