A Lovely Sunday


I love to read . I read anything from fiction to self help to romance and mythology. My current love is mythology. When there is an overdose of mythology, I read romance or something light. I also read children’s books since I read out to my Daughter Delight.

I call this Sunday a happening day . The reason is I had a relaxing day today with my Daughter Delight having all her meals without being fussy. Lunch was roti and chicken curry and rice.

Dinner was the repeat of lunch for my Darling Husband and me, while Daughter Delight had dosa.

Daughter Delight and I also visited Balaji Temple in the evening. Chit chatted with a friend of mine while waiting for the elevator to my apartment at the lobby.

Another important thing is I completed Never Gone by Anusha Subramanian. I will be reviewing it soon.

I was checking my email before writing this blog. Guess what , I have received an email from Anuja Chandramouli, a famed mythology writer to review her 2016 release Yama’s Lieutenant . I was surprised and for a couple of seconds did not know what to do.

I told her would be happy to write review for this book and its sequel that is soon to be released in June .

She found me among the reviewers in Amazon India. So soon I shall receive her book to read and review. Wish me luck. I am so excited and looking forward to my copy of her  book.

good night  guys.

Will see you all tomorrow  again.

Its a start of an amazing week. Have wonderful week ahead.


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