Thank God its Friday Again

Today, I woke as soon as the alarm went off at 5:30 AM IST. My Darling Husband was already up and was browsing through the Times Of India e-Paper. When he heard me moving about in the washroom, he made my tea. Its a ritual in my home, the morning tea is made by my Darling Husband.

As always, I checked my emails and made a mental note to start on my blog, that should have been done the previous day. Facebook browsing is what gobbles up most of my time, I believe. Now I really do need to do something about it.

By  6 AM IST, I slowly got into the research mode for my article. By half past seven, I had given an opening paragraph of 100 words. Not bad, I thought, I can do it.

In between, I read a blog by Preeti Shennoy. She had mentioned about her conversation with her dad’s best friend on his 80th birthday. Preeti went on to say that he is fit as a fiddle even at this age because of his exercises and good diet. She further suggested that her readers should seriously consider taking up some sort of exercise, at least walking. NOW THAT GOT ME THINKING. I NEED TO EXERCISE AND LOOSE AT LEAST A COUPLE OF STONES IN NEXT FEW MONTHS.

The day progressed without much events. The lunch was a simple fare of Rasam, boiled egg, cabbage and rice.  I was able to complete close to half the article before lunch.

In between one of the clients called up regarding work and that chat went on for sometime. My client Dear is into essential oils and I blog for him regularly, and also write out the product descriptions. We are introducing a new set of essential oils under the brand name Organix Mantra on  Amazon marketplace. I write and he creates labels -bottle and box labels and My Darling Husband is roped in now and then to edit and proof the labels.

After lunch we sleep for half an hour before the Daughter Delight is picked up from school by her dad. Most of the days, evening tea is made by my Darling Husband but today, I made it for a change.

My Daughter Darling had to attend a birthday party where I was invited too. It was sumptuous pav bhaji and suka puri. The meal was a delight as my daughter had three pavs and a plate of suka puri, along with a piece of cake.

After the party I visited one of my friends to return the book I had borrowed from her. The Kabul Beauty School by Debborah Rodriguez. Though it started of well, I felt it was dragging a lot. I did not enjoy it much. I shall write a review on it soon. Keep watching this space.

Picked up another book from her. Lets see how it goes. Chit chatted with her for sometime while my Daughter Delight played with my friend’s daughter.

Back home,  I cleared the kitchen, but the washed vessels away in the respective trolleys. Soaked boiled rice for grinding, served custard as dessert to my Daughter Delight, and Darling Husband. I also heated up some milk for myself.

Added finishing touches to the blog I had started in the morning before writing this blog of the day.

While I writing this blog, the time is around 11 PM IST, my Darling Husband has already fast asleep but my Darling Daughter is by my side with her color pencils and coloring book.

It has been a fruitful day all together. I have nothing to grumble or crib about. I thank god for everything.

I am signing off for the day.


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