What happens when you don’t get enough sleep

Early to be bed, Early to rise! Its a proverb that many of us don’t follow these days. Most of us stay up late to check our emails, whatsapping with a friend or loved ones, watch television, or read eBooks on kindle. By the time you hit the bed its past midnight, and in the morning you have a great difficulty to get out of the bed.

You would have set the alarm to ring at half past five in the morning and when it starts ringing, you snooze it for another 10 minutes and you will continue doing so for another hour or so.

I sometimes wonder, instead of setting it at half past five why not set at half past six. And get that extra sleep. Wouldn’t that be better, What do you think?

When you don’t get your beauty sleep of six to eight hours these things happen

  • Your eyes are tired and feels heavy.
  • When you  get late for work. So decide to skip your breakfast.
  • Empty Stomach means your sugar levels are down. So you have a tendency to grab something sugary and wash it down it with caffeine. When it becomes a vicious cycle, its likely to affect your health in the long run.
  • Lack of  sleep makes you irritated and makes you want to snap at everyone for even smallest of things.
  • Your decision-making skills are also affected.

In brief, if you don’t get quality sleep at night you life will be affected badly and subsequently you will fall victim to lifestyle diseases.

If you want to be healthy and be alert mentally and physically sleep early and wake early.




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